E.3a Innate Behavior


DBQ P326


  • Another method that can be used is visual stimuli. Actual woodlice of the same species can be placed in either of the arm, and an observation can be made. It is more likely that the woodlice will travel to the arm containing its own species than the arm containing nothing.


  • The data suggests that the woodlice are attracted to the scented arm more than the unscented arm. In species, more were collected int he scented arm.


  • The woodlice must have scent receptors that respond to smell, as they are attracted to a certain smell. Furthermore, the scent of same species might cause a pleasure response in terms of dopamine.


  • In terms of survival and reproduction, the woodlice might enter the scented arm because it is a indicator that there are possible mates in that arm. Scent is possibly a sexual features that attracts woodlice to each other.


  • Some woodlice might travel to the unscented arm to avoid competition. There might be competition for mate, and some may choose to survive over to reproduce.

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