Math Self Evaluation

My progress in the first semester was not as well or bad as I thought. I feel that I haven’t changed much from last year in the way I study or do my work. In this years math class, I like how we get questions to work on and can talk about it with my peers. Working together and comparing answers can sometime be a great way to learn our mistakes and fix it. Also, I feel that I have improved in the investigation from the feedback I got. I learned the areas I need to improve and fixed them, and it resulted in better grades for me. Something that can make the class better is is to make the pace faster in class. I feel that we spend too long in some topics, and that that time can possibly be spent on working on our investigation or reviewing. But maybe it is just because I had Mrs. Nayak last year, and because she had a very fast pace that I got used to. I hope to do better in my tests, because it was my weakness for semester 1 that brought my grade from a 7 to 6. 6 is not a bad grade, but since I got a 6 this time, my goal would obviously be to improve and get a 7. I will achieve this by rethinking my study habits, and working out more problems so that I will have full understanding in that topic. Another important thing I miss out, is to check my work several times after I finish the test.


One response to “Math Self Evaluation

  1. Hi Haodi
    I agree that in some ways it seems you could do better than a 6. My sense is that you do not think slowly and carefully enough, and sometimes rush to the wrong answer. I definitely think you are capable of getting the 7-8 problems on tests, but consistency and depth of thought is required. Please do keep checking the feedback from investigations so you know how to do better in the future.
    I take your point about the pace not always being good for you. Don’t worry though, math class is about to get harder …..
    Ms Durkin

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