About Me

My name is Haodi Zhang and I am in 10th grade. I have been living in Japan for 13 years and I have been at CA for the same amount of time. I consider Japan as my home because I have been living here since I was three years old, and because I do not have an actual home in my home country, China. I am not sure about my mother tongue because Chinese was my first language but I am better at Japanese now. English was my third language and I have been leaning it since I was three. I am currently in the Tennis team and is planning to join APAC band and Badminton this year.

I am not confident or unconfident about math but I consider one of the easier subjects to me compared to english or social studies. I enjoy the moment when you solve a difficult question but I do not like it when you just cannot understand a problem. I could not think of my strength in general because all my abilities are average, but at school, the easiest subject for me is Japanese. The area I struggle the most in math is graphing, which is our first unit. Mrs. Nayak last year, helped me in math last year, because she reminded me of my stupid mistakes marking them with red and telling me in person. My definition for an enjoyable and successful learning experience is a class where we are focussed when we are working, with a teacher that communicates well with the student.


One response to “About Me

  1. Hi Haodi

    It is great to see you are involved in a wide variety of activities: it is nice to see when a student does both sporting and musical events. Good luck with those this year.
    I think you are right that good communication is key to successful learning. Ms Nayak is a good friend of mine, so I am glad you had a good year of learning with her last year.
    Thanks very much for your comments, they have helped me see how you learn best.
    I look forward to a great year working with you, Haodi.
    Ms Durkin

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